Strategy, Management and Organization

“Innovative and efficient solutions for all healthcare providers”


In recent years, economic affairs, market access and public affairs have become strategic activities for the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the arrival of new players, such as Google, Apple or Samsung, and the shift towards connected services or objects are driving changes that companies have to address to develop and adjust their strategy and the organizations resulting therefrom. The need for guidance on organizational change processes coupled with strong knowledge of the specificities of the healthcare sector is therefore important today.

Nextep specificities in this field

With a very operational way of working, our approach and our teams have moved towards enhanced co-building of medium-to-long-term strategy with our customers and more specific guidance on change, processes and organization, including through innovation (digital, services, etc.) and new tools (methods, patient studies, big data, etc.).

Our focus is thereforeon enhancing the strategic dimension of projects, providing support for the development of organizations facing changes in the healthcare sector, designing and speeding up operational roll-out.

Type of interventions

The joint competence of people coming from organization consulting and with expertise in the healthcare industry enables us to comprehensively cover a variety of subjects such as :

  • Governance : Strengthening of the leadership and the role of the Board of Directors as driving and cohesive forces for managers and their people in change processes
  • Change : How to switch from healthcare product to service, notably through the use of digital applications (medical devices, medicinal products, etc.) ?
  • Strategy : Which scientific or medical training and support programs as new tools for market access strategy ?
  • Reputation : Implementation of best practices as vehicles for strengthening the company’s strategy and positioning
  • Corporate Development : Active and exclusive search for targets (Marketing Authorization, products, companies, managers, etc.) see also the Business Development section
  • Marketing/Market Research : Which new differentiating services should be proposed to regional healthcare organizations ?
  • Due Diligence : Sectorial study or study of specific market segments for the acquisition or development of new products or services (e.g.: Homecare, Biosimilars, Orphan drugs, etc.)