“A positioning at the heart of strategic information”

Analytical information
orientated towards decision support

Nextep shares its strong strategic expertise through “Pharma Express” analytical letters.

Since 1999, these publications have been providing a comprehensive view of the challenges and changes in the pharmaceutical industry.

The latest pharmaceutical headlines

  • Continuous monitoring and screening of the economic, political and regulatory environment of health products
  • A network and search methods that enable you to identify strategic information and the deadlines to be anticipated
  • Information is evaluated and sorted to select the most relevant topics to decision makers

Providing decision-making support through information processing

  • The industry news and trends are analyzed, synthesized and directly useable
  • Communications are performed by specialized and experienced consultants
  • The use of a particularly developed network enables us to present the opinion of the various public and private actors.

A real service offered to subscribers

  • Direct access to the cabinet’s consultants in particular those in charge of file drafting
  • Time credits automatically associated with the subscriptions to explore certain topics or provide related services (Corporate memos, presentations to management, customized watch, etc.) 

Three strategic and complementary publications

  • Pharma Express - Countries

Depending on the current events: The economic, political and regulatory news on health products are selected and analyzed almost instantaneously.

  • Pharma Express - Jurisprudence

Deciphering the court decisions that impact the pharmaceutical industry at national and European level (pricing and reimbursement decisions, intellectual property, liability, taxes…)

  • Pharma Express - International

Trends in key markets and in European and international regulatory bodies, as well as relevant national and international industry news.

In free access and on video: “Health Opinion”

Every month on, Nextep teams share an interview with an expert, actor or leader in the health sector who delivers his/her point of view on transversal topics related to issues of public health, social security, health economics, research in Life Science, etc. 

To go further, we offer tailor-made monitoring and guidance

  • Definition of the scope and modalities for reporting with the customer (update calls, meetings, executive summaries, studies, benchmarks, presentations, etc.)
  • Interactive, personalized and responsive guidance