Our mission

Reconciling Healthcare with Economics


Our healthcare system needs new ideas. Under the combined effects of budgetary pressure, changes in the age structure of the population and therapeutic innovation, major changes are taking place in the environment of the healthcare sector. In daily business, health actors adapt and reinvent themselves to meet these challenges while maintaining access to healthcare. Identifying solutions, rethinking methods, looking for alternatives are all challenges that drive us every day.


Nextep promotes a comprehensive approach to healthcare. We intend to meet the challenges of our customers with the aim to reconcile the human aspect, business, economy and healthcare organization. Removing boundaries and opening perspectives, this is how we proceed to fully understand and address issues while developing a sustainable business practice.


Nextep was set up with the aim of responding to the growing need for consultation, understanding and convergence between health actors and public authorities. After 15 years of growth, our commitment is reinforced and strengthened. Today, we provide guidance to international companies, professional groupings, associations, in their daily work, their projects, their positioning and their investment in favor of patients.


Our activity is based on a set of values : quality, rigor, dynamism. Our practice is based on professional ethics, this being a prerequisite for a relationship of trust with our partners, health actors and public authorities.