Economic affairs

“Reconciling Healthcare with Economics”


For several years, the market access rules for medicinal products and medical devices have been tightened. Increasingly demanding criteria are used whether for medical assessment or price negotiation, and the arrival of new molecules on the market is subject to restrictive conditions that are revised over time.

In addition, there are financial regulations that are at times complex that aim at containing the growth in public health spending through measures on prices, volumes and margins.

Nextep specificities in this field

Nextep works alongside healthcare organizations in their interactions with these regulatory, administrative and political bodies and structures in order to further enhance the launch of new products and to maintain them under the best conditions on the market throughout their life cycle.

Furthermore, we help you better address the challenges of financial regulation by calculating the amount of taxes, allowances and other sectorial clauses using an in-house developed model.

We have developed a know-how that enables us to mobilize a network of healthcare professionals and expert partners.

Type of interventions

Nextep mobilizes its teams to help you determine the medical and scientific arguments required to justify the reimbursement of a health product and define its place in the treatment strategy in view of the other existing medicinal products. Furthermore, Nextep helps you build a case on the value of the product for patients, prescribers and payers so that you can obtain a competitive price.

All this preparatory work includes the drafting and validation of the dossiers to be submitted to authorities, the risk and opportunity analysis, the organization and facilitation of Advisory Boards within a strategic analysis of the challenges facing the company.

We produce documents for the valuation of companies investing in France and Europe (R&D supply). This is achieved in continuous interaction with authorities and according to a proven methodology.

Market access is a vital function in which the knowledge of the pricing mechanics is key to success.