Business Development

“Our expertise to develop your growth projects”


Because of their size and their European and worldwide visibility, the major pharmaceutical markets like France, United Kingdom and Germany provide an attractive space for the development of companies. Several factors contribute to this dynamic, such as the emergence of many healthcare companies (start-up, biotech, etc.), the efforts of the governments to promote access to the latest generation healthcare, or emerging needs and services, notably due to the population ageing.

However, environment remains challenging and requires rolling out a local economic, regulatory and market access expertise. Business development requires a strategic business approach involving a sound knowledge of the sector and its challenges.

The identification of new capitalistic and commercial opportunities is in line with the objective of creating sustainable business value in-house or through partner networks.

Nextep specificities in this field

For more than 15 years, Nextep has been providing support to senior managers of particularly innovative international firms using the additional expertise of a team of dedicated consultants and high-level experts who sit in our Advisory and Medical Boards and who can mobilize an exceptional network of key contacts in the healthcare sector.

These complementary skills and experiences enable us to advise our customers in their most strategic decisions and to effectively promote their acquisition, partnership and development projects in Europe and on the international scene.

Type of interventions

We offer a personalized process to screen targets (companies, partners, products and services) and opportunities for businesses whether they be major groups, SMEs, biotechsand start-upsin the healthcare sector, but alsobusiness banks and investment funds wishing to expand in Europe. Nextep intervention is always based on a preliminary strategic reflection on the key business challenges. Legal and financial guidance is provided with the support of our healthcare experts and our legal and financial partners.
For example, we offer our customers the following services:

  • Optimizing their portfolios of mature products by organizing the overall consistency of the product ranges (portfolio management)
  • Providing guidance on their external growth projects: divestment, acquisition, licensing in/out, partnerships, vertical or horizontal integration, etc. (Corporate Development Strategy)
  • Studying markets or specific market segments such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, biotechnologies, homecare, healthcare services, etc. (Due Diligence)
  • Screening opportunities, due diligences and contacts (road show, face-to-face, speed business meetings…)