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"Healthcare funding in Europe : a complexity management challenge". Vincent Cheney - 04.2016

"Early March the Economist hosted in London a conference titled “Value-Based Healthcare in Europe”. Beyond the overall consensus on the problem Europe is facing regarding Healthcare funding, the management of the complexity it triggers seemed the true challenge.
The large, qualitative panel of speakers including Health Ministers, Health Economist, Industry and Patient associations reached a consensus on the challenge faced by European countries."


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International Pharma Express n°74 - January 2017

OECD: Comments regarding New Health Technologies report focused on prices
OECD released its New Health Technologies: Managing Access, Value and sustainability report on January 16th, which states several recommendations regarding medical innovation as well as the basis of its opinion regarding drug pricing:
  • Assist R&D investments and prepare the upcoming of innovations, especially through public-private partnerships
  • Adapt the regulation mechanisms (medical devices, new type of products, e-health, information to patients)
  • Develop HTA tools to encourage value-for-money approach, especially regarding cancer drugs and rare diseases
  • Use the potential of health data
Despite this work was larger than the price issue, it was mainly expected regarding this topic. Indeed it provides with the preliminary positions of the OECD, which will constitute the basis of the deeper analysis to be realized before the end of the year.
EFPIA: Satisfaction regarding the OECD report “Health at a Glance: Europe 2016”
EFPIA shows its agreement concerning the objective of integrating a more comprehensive analysis of health and health system into EU policies. The trade-association believes that both the European Commission and the OECD have a significant role in the development of standardized data collection’s in terms of health outcomes in Europe.   The report underlines that country chronic disease management can have a direct and significant impact on employment and widely on societal growth.
Besides, with an ageing population, it is necessary to invest in disease prevention and health promotion as it is a cost-effective solution to combat chronic diseases. EFPIA highlighted the fact that digitization of healthcare can be a method to revolutionize disease prevention.
Furthermore, there are health outcomes discrepancies among countries that can be explained by present differences in care pathways and in the way data are collected .
As per EFPIA, the improvement of data’s quality would underline how resources are allocated in healthcare and make possible a “more evidence-based discussion” about healthcare budgets.

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Pharma Express n°482 - 03.2016

"A poison April fool's joke on pricing preparation ?" This Pharma Express highlights a series of events around drug pricing at French and European levels.

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