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"Healthcare funding in Europe : a complexity management challenge". Vincent Cheney - 04.2016

"Early March the Economist hosted in London a conference titled “Value-Based Healthcare in Europe”. Beyond the overall consensus on the problem Europe is facing regarding Healthcare funding, the management of the complexity it triggers seemed the true challenge.
The large, qualitative panel of speakers including Health Ministers, Health Economist, Industry and Patient associations reached a consensus on the challenge faced by European countries."


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NEXTEP PRESENT AT ISPOR CONFERENCES Innovation : A value for health and growth An International study on market access stakes for therapeutic innovation - 10.2016

Mrs Isabelle BERARD, Market Access Senior Manager at Nextep will be present at ISPOR, do not hesitate to contact her on her email adress to meet her : 

Sublet G.2, Ginestet M.1,Auvray F.1,  Berard I.2, Bouchara G1.2

1.AGIPHARM, Paris, 2.NEXTEP, Paris, France

Access to therapeutic innovation is a major issue, in terms of delay, equality and financing, addressed differently by each country. A study has been performed in order to investigate how the French regulatory framework benefit from the processes in place in other developed countries.


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International Pharma Express n°66 - 03.2016

The latest issue of Pharma Express International addresses in particular : further discussion and pressure on prices (USA, Canada) and review of drug regulations (EU, Belgium).


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Pharma Express n°482 - 03.2016

"A poison April fool's joke on pricing preparation ?" This Pharma Express highlights a series of events around drug pricing at French and European levels.

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